“I am too full of life to be half loved”


Ok, so since this is the very first post on my blog, I would like it to be a possitie one. So to keep the theme, today I will write abouy happiness… and why it always depends on other people.
You know, as much as we want it to be just a saying, everyones happiness has a name. Now, thats true, I find. But, I’d very very much like to change that. For example, tody I am writing here to you from my bed. Its a beautiful day outside, but still, Im at home. Why? Ah, thats just because I’m a little foolish. I always wait for a oportnity to go out, but I rarely make the proposal or I rareley live up to it.
But, as I decided today, beacause I’m utterly bored. Today is the last day like that. I would love to be the person I keep imagining I am. So, as a vow, I promise I will be again, full of life. Thats it. I will never let somenone cancel my plans or make me feel bad for wanting to to something, or go somewhere. Thats the secret..



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