Maybe..I just miss myself

Its so funny how I only get inspiratin at night sitting in my cozy bed.. and just thinking about how to start this post..
Honestlly..what inspired me to write this post is my current relationsip..and how I feel like im loosing myself..
I don’t think is about me being someone Im not is about feeling this empty feeling, that I don’t know how to describe.
After a long long day at the office, where two bad news have occured, i have a boyfriend too lazy to come see me, but alright for footbal and a get together with some friends. See? See where I feel left out? And the problem is that I used to not care about these things at all, I was imune. Until my group of friends that used to make me feel better grw apart. And I just miss myself and how I used to be.
I just think I miss someone to talk to, or mayne I just miss myself.


One thought on “Maybe..I just miss myself

  1. I loved this post so much because I feel like you are talking to a friend, not just to a bunch of random strangers, my peice of advice would be to talk to your boyfriend, and if you both end up breaking up, screw him! he missed a chance to be with such a lovely person xx

    someone online |
    p.s. I subscribed!

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