About me

11898897_953084794762375_2994055421813325761_nHi! My name is Crina and I am a 19 year old dreamer from Romania. Thats it. I’ve graduated high school last year, I’ve had the perfect summer and then I started college, worst time of my life. Been to college for 2 moths. Now I am a college drop out, lived for a month in England and I am back home trying to get a job at a multinational company and decideing about what i want my next college major to be, all that whilst I try to make my dream (becoming a cabin crew) come true and living everyday to the fullest.

Now beacuse I’ve bored you with this bio, I’m going to finish this by saying that this blog will be about what I like and my passions, hobbyed and experiences.

Come with me on this journey!